The Hobbit - Reader One Shots

The Hobbit - Reader One Shots

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BackwardsMagic By BackwardsMagic Updated Oct 12, 2017

A series of one shots with the characters in the movie version of the Hobbit.

I do take requests. If you wish to request a one shot please message me or comment.

I hope you enjoy :)

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Memelew2530 Memelew2530 Apr 24
This is real!?!? Eh I'll read it anyway more smut for me eh I need HOLY WATER
Delsin_Hunter Delsin_Hunter Aug 06, 2017
Is it possible for there to be a male!reader-insert or a gender-neutral?
I know! So did I and it made me so happy to write it. *currently living in denial*
AmitiaOakenshield AmitiaOakenshield Dec 03, 2017
As much as you can Bilbox blind!reader and thorinxmute!reader if i can please
                              Or me x Leggy ♡
Yandererulz Yandererulz Feb 25, 2017
That's not the only amazing talent I have~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)