Mad Love (Joker & Harley)

Mad Love (Joker & Harley)

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Andrea By AllyGator3320 Updated Nov 23

His maniac laughter filled the room like air and it thickened the tensions drastically, making my breath hitch. I will never forget the large grin on his face that showed his golden teeth and beautiful scars, his milky white skin displayed his imperfections so perfectly.

 I never expected to love him. The way my heart skipped a beat around him was inappropriate and absolutely insane at best, but those were two words that described him so fittingly.

My Mr. J.

I may be wrong,but u feel like this is hinting that he breaks into her apartment. That's what happens in other fanfics.😂
@jivonnes I made his eyes green on purpose, not every physical feature is of Jared Leto.