Beautiful Stranger (Lauren/You)

Beautiful Stranger (Lauren/You)

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Alex By waffle_hernandez Updated May 29

They say love at first sight happens anywhere and at anytime with beautiful strangers. And, no one ever takes for granted their beautiful stranger, especially one that is the past, present, and future.

Y/n Gillum is the youngest sexy sibling of rapper sensation, G-Eazy. Everyone in the music industry knows her as a composer, singer, songwriter and record producer. Even record labels from all around the world want Y/n's talent, but she isn't quite ready to dome the music stage.

Lauren Jauregui is a girl with the voice of a goddess and the ability to dome any stage. She auditioned for the X Factors USA as a soloist, but Simon Cowell put her in a girl group, with four other girls instead.

Two teenage girls destined for each other, created a young unconditional love. But, fate threw them a wild card and guided them down different paths. And when they are reunited, only one remember's meeting the other.

Can past lovers revive an old flame and can the other one finally restore past memories? Or will true love and memories be lost forever for this beautiful strangers?

[You're Zayn's female version.
Your hair color is black and it's in a brushed up undercut like Zayn.
Your eye color is dark brown and you're 5'9]

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Bre2133 Bre2133 Dec 05, 2016
I just have to say thay was a really good desricption and thank you for the little info on my character
UnAmericanTeen UnAmericanTeen Oct 16, 2016
I saw G Eazy was my brother in the fic I immediately clicked read lol