An Alpha and a Mason

An Alpha and a Mason

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JustNiamh By aPieceOfGranite Updated Dec 01

"You will wear our collar and you will bare our mark. You are ours and no one else will have you."


The day Adrian and Xavier laid their eyes on Wendy, they knew she was theirs. They had waited patiently for their mate and now that they had her they were never going to let her go. Even if that meant chaining her to their bed.

Wendy was not overly independent, she just wanted to have her own job and her own place. She didn't want to be marked and dragged to somewhere where she didn't know anybody and was expected to rule a pack. She definitely didn't want two brooding males as mates.

Catlilia Catlilia Nov 10
Girl, don't be petty. No wonder you don't have any friend other than Emily. It wasn't that deep
1. She's a wolf
                              2. Vegetarian chicken nuggets and bacon???
                              3.shes a wolf
Catlilia Catlilia Nov 10
😂😂😂😂 this is so me omg. It's funny how much I relate to this
Catlilia Catlilia Nov 10
I can do lipstick and most times eyeliner. Foundation is a pain. I could never put it on without looking like a clown
erzaXgrey erzaXgrey Nov 02
You mean raise... sorry habit.
                              This is why people say I'm too smart for my own good.
chillbieber chillbieber Oct 31
Is it weird that my name is wendy and my fave cousin is named emily?