The pranksters new life (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

The pranksters new life (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

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N E V E R L A N D By herecomesraura Updated Oct 15, 2016

Sequel to: Raura as pranksters

Rylee - Raura's daughter

"You know how me and ross pranked eachother way way back?" I asked her and she nodded. "Then why don't me and you bring that back?!" I suggested excitedly. 

"Yes, we should!" She says. "When!" 

"Let's start tomorrow." I say and we went back to the guys and to see them on top of the kitchen table hugging each other scared. Rylee and rudy had nerf guns fully loaded.

KidgeMyLove KidgeMyLove Oct 04, 2016
Hahahaha calum you were fantastic!! 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
aestheticmarano aestheticmarano Jul 31, 2016
Psh that little girl has a better sense a fashion than I do, damm 😅 well their parents are raura so it makes sense 😁
Raurafab123 Raurafab123 Jul 31, 2016
Don't hate me but ross be postin pic of Courtney tryin to be sexy but the only sexy thing is Laura's ass. I rest my case
Auslly_Raura_R5er Auslly_Raura_R5er Jul 30, 2016
I missed this book so much!! OMG!! Ahhhhh I can't wait to see what happens!! Update Soon!!😘😍💕💕
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OMG IVE BEEN PRAYING! Ahhh😍😍😍 and that gif 😂😂😂
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Darn I missed this story! Great chapter. That Gif gives me life 😂