The Vast Unknown↠stranger things

The Vast Unknown↠stranger things

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-shelby- By shelby825 Completed

❝We're all in the same game; just different levels. Dealing with the same devil; just not the same hell.❞

-stranger things season 1; jonathan byers-

-cover by: andrewlincolns-

rubycitrus rubycitrus Sep 20, 2016
Once my sister pushed me and i landed on this rod that was rusted in our garage and had to get a tetnis shot.  And i was apperantly allergic to it so i passed out afterwards and threw up twice.
Newtsalamand3r Newtsalamand3r Sep 26, 2016
I've been WAITING...for a girl like come into my life. I loved seeing them live.
whattheabigail whattheabigail Sep 04, 2016
my sister got really mad at me one time and pushed me down, but when she did that, she didn't see there was a huge nail sticking out of the ground and I fell on it and I have an indent on my leg
MsBhavn96 MsBhavn96 Dec 17, 2016
My cousin did that to me once, but in her defense she thought the window was closed and besides a few stitches I was miraculously fine
-Huckleberry -Huckleberry Aug 06, 2016
LOVE THIS SONG! "Oh darling, darling stand by me ohh stand by me!"
it's the first line of the first chapter and I already adore this fic