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Nonexistent By KittyWritezStuffz Updated Nov 20, 2016

The title says it all!!!!

Also, I deleted RP #149 because I wasn't getting very nice feedback on it...

Name: Zekromia 
                              Age: 19
                              Personality: cool and nice and caring
                              Looks: turquoise Pokemon hoodie with purple sweatpants 
                              Likes: drawing and star gazing
                              Dislikes: people grabbing her butt and tits and perverts and rape
                              Species: wolf ears and tail
                              Extra: hides her  wolf ears and tail 
                              Crush: Aaron
Scarlet_The_Doll Scarlet_The_Doll Sep 22, 2016
(Um, idk you or aphmau? CX)
                              "Oh, sorry! That was my fault." He kneels down to pick up the book.
Xx_Mint_xX Xx_Mint_xX Oct 11, 2016
(I bump into Laurence)
                              "Sh*t, I'm so sorry" I start to pick up the the papers that  he dropped and my heavy folder
PrincessOfOkasis PrincessOfOkasis Nov 11, 2016
Elle grabs her books and sets them aside "Here allow me to help"
xAbbieCasanovax xAbbieCasanovax Oct 13, 2016
                              "Oh Sh*t! Sorry"Alex says as she starts picking stuff up.
ToEmoToBeAlone ToEmoToBeAlone Nov 07, 2016
Name: Gracie ro'meave
                              Personality: kind,fierce
                              Looks: long dirty blond hair ,tan skin,light blue eyes 
                              Likes: protecting her friends,looking after her family
                              Dislikes: her friends hurt
                              Species: jury of nine 
                              Extra: ran away from home young because of the pressure of her parents
                              Crush: Travis