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The Boy In Greens [DRAMIONE]

The Boy In Greens [DRAMIONE]

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wendy By amerynes Updated Dec 10, 2016

In which Hermione makes friends with Slytherins.
  [harry potter] 
  [alternate reality] 
  [extended summary inside]
  copyright 2016; wendy black

kissettes kissettes Dec 11, 2016
this is a sorta heaven for us potterheads. no jily dying. no torture for harry. and some of us don't really ship romione that hard.
awesomeperson1512 awesomeperson1512 Aug 22, 2016
Oh my god I've been waiting for this forever!! You done a brilliant job in writing this😝
Right from the start, so heart-warming. Hermione is so relatable, the narrative's skill of giving details without boring us simply amazes me.
catie1350 catie1350 Dec 12, 2016
I don't know if this is an American thing?? but whenever you list a book title, it's either supposed to be underlined or in quotation marks
CaraKama CaraKama Sep 08, 2016
ME LIKEY! Honestly though, I'm glad you decided to pick this up! I love Dramione so like any Hermione x Slytherin has me hooked and I just love this idea! Please don't abandon it lol
heartreveals heartreveals Aug 08, 2016
i love this so much because it made me wonder all sorts if voldermort was defeated by Lilly + potter james? you've got a variety -- go wild!