Boarding School

Boarding School

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3:20 pm
Queens, New York
Onika Tanya Maraj

Nicki~ I'm coming mom, damn" I mumbled the last part.

My name is Onika Tanya Maraj, or as I liked to be called, Nicki.

I'm 17 and am being sent away to a boarding school because I got pregnant and my mom thinks sending me away will help.

She forced me to get an abortion and I really didn't want to but it was probably best because my boyfriend, Aaron got into a bad car accident and is now paralyzed and he wouldn't be able to help with the baby.

I looked at my room one last time because this was the last time I'd be seeing it until Thanksgiving which was a couple of months away.

I grabbed my last suitcase and went down the stairs.  

My brother Rj, put it in the car and hugged me.

Rj~ I love you lil sis

Nicki~ I love you too, Rj

Rj~ don't be down there being grown

Nicki~ I'll try not to" I giggled

Rj~ make sure you FaceTime me once a day

Nicki~ I will, I will

Carol~ Onika lets go" I rolled my eyes and hugged my brother one last ti...

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