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Boruto X Reader You're not alone! ( Modern AU )

Boruto X Reader You're not alone! ( Modern AU )

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Inani_Chan By Inani_Chan Updated 20 hours ago

"It's like falling - no, sinking deeper into the inner darkness."
After losing your mother and your old life, you try to bear everything the cruel reality has to offer. You've been waiting for someone to come to pull you up, but nobody came until you notice that there are other people also going through painful times. Then you decide to help someone with the experiences you've made from your shady past.
  "One cannot shine without first being surrounded by the dark. Instead of sitting in the dark by yourself, become the light that guides someone else." - Unknown
  This story contains self-harming, suicidal thoughts and emotional moments. Don't read if you are sensitive to self-harm or depression! If you have those problems, then please talk to someone about it! If you don't have anyone then please contact me! I'll be there for you! ♥
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  Your mother's name is Leyla. If you have the same name, then you can change it~!
  All characters (except Saki Yuuta, Officer Tatsuo, and the French teacher) belong to Masashi Kishimoto (and the author of the Boruto manga Ukyo Kodachi)
  Pictures and GIFS are all found on Google or Pinterest (except for the picture of Himawari in chapter 52, that is drawn by me.)
  Editor; @Faby_Montana (Thank you so much! ♥♥♥)
  Storyboard: Me

Omg, yaaaaay!! Phew! Its still going to go on. Um, author-san? When you come back, can you make a special chapter, like in christmas theme or 4 of july? If you can, i thank you greatly, if you cant, then its okay! 👌 👍
Get well soon m8!
                               You have all our love and support!
                              STAY DETERMINED!!! <3
It's okay I live in the Middle East and I'm Muslim this story gave me hope when I was about to give up if can't continue it's okay but just know it was enjoyed by ALOT of people
I mean just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean you're different from them.
                              You're a human being, who makes mistakes.
                              I'm a human being, who makes mistakes.
                              We are all imperfect.
                              Let's hug.
Ohhh....Dont lose hope! But at least can you say this: once this is all over, you will try to rewrite it or something.    I love you and your stories. Why the best people have such bad parents 😢
No its isn't!!! I like it long!! It's not boring!! It's funny!!