Ghost Boy- A Malachi X Reader

Ghost Boy- A Malachi X Reader

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✨Arielle✨ By AriWritesStuff Completed

A small transparent boy you met in a large mansion. That's all you really remember. The time you spent together in a haze. You thought it was all a dream.

Until you met him again 

Phoenix Drop, 10 years later. You're a guard in training after your village was destroyed by Zane and the Jury. You don't recognize him at first, but the Lord you're protecting was the one in your thoughts. 

But do dreams really come true?

Completed as of January 6th, 2017

MirlaeWolf602 MirlaeWolf602 Nov 15, 2016
Well..... Zane strikes again. Aaron should be able to sympathize with y/n here then.
_StaticClique _StaticClique Aug 01, 2016
                              I'm not rushing, but this is REALLY! good.
                              Update as soon as YOU can!
SleepyBeanpole SleepyBeanpole Dec 19, 2016
Well, I mean, not... LIVING proof, but...
                              You know, one day, maybe...
Anime_Lord_Addicted Anime_Lord_Addicted Aug 28, 2016
Me: sorry but I like Levin now
                              Malachi: But I shared my 24 pack of crayons 
                              Me: Levin shared his 72 pack of crayons
                              Malachi: wow 72
Kawaiikim2003 Kawaiikim2003 Sep 16, 2016
If your scared of ghosts go away from the fainted hello.(common sense)
Guess what? I have arachnophobia too! You are not alone Casper!