Ghost Boy- A Malachi X Reader

Ghost Boy- A Malachi X Reader

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✨Arielle✨ By AriWritesStuff Completed

A small transparent boy you met in a large mansion. That's all you really remember. The time you spent together in a haze. You thought it was all a dream.

Until you met him again 

Phoenix Drop, 10 years later. You're a guard in training after your village was destroyed by Zane and the Jury. You don't recognize him at first, but the Lord you're protecting was the one in your thoughts. 

But do dreams really come true?

Completed as of January 6th, 2017

Causal conversation.... 
                              me: oh how did you die?
                              Malachi: somebody pushed out of the window/ pushed me off a balcony! :D
I am insane deal with it ( irl I would say this to so e ones face)
                              (Dont mind me! XD)
DawnSama DawnSama Apr 27
Casper... WTH! References killed me! Btw u dunt have to be sorry cuz it's just too beautiful to read
WHHHHYYY! I did that out loud and it sounded like I was a zombie mixed in with dying whale...
shymiio shymiio Apr 29
Everyone is commenting about the living proof but I'm just.. we just straight out asked him what he was. Like who does that? Maybe you ask do you love here or somethibg??