Percy Jackson jokes and things... 2!!!

Percy Jackson jokes and things... 2!!!

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just_a_unihorn By just_a_unihorn Updated Jun 23, 2017

Have any of you read percy jackson jokes and things? Oh, some of you haven't? Well, I guess it doesn't REALLY matter which order you read them in...

Anyways, this will be a book of jokes and random PJO and HOO stuff. But... I'm adding something: Memes!

(To my only three readers) Hope you enjoy!

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MythicalWonders101 MythicalWonders101 Jul 28, 2016
I would've seen this sooner but I was somewhere BUT YYYYYAAAASSSS BOOK 2 YAAYAYYAAY!!!!
CampHalfBlooder CampHalfBlooder Aug 11, 2016
Annabeth: Stay there Percy, we're coming to find u.
                              Percy: Hmmm, Alaska sounds cool.
                              Annabeth: Wha - NO. STAY. THERE.
                              Percy: I heard it's quite nice this time of year....
                              Annabeth: NO. STAY. THERE!!!!
                              Percy: COME MY FRIENDS, WE SHALL JOURNEY TO ALASKA!
                              Annabeth: *slams head on table* 
                              Annabeth: WHY
XxindecisivexX XxindecisivexX Sep 24, 2016
So it's more like YOLF . . . wait didn't a god use that once?
Avengers-queenie Avengers-queenie Jul 27, 2016
When I saw this notification, I screamed "YESSS" and pumped my fist into the air lol. THANK YOU!!