Homicidal Hearts (Joker FanFic)

Homicidal Hearts (Joker FanFic)

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J A Z Z L Y N By JazzlynLovesDowney Updated Nov 02

This story follows Elizabeth Lowe, daughter of American Horror story's John Lowe. Through her journey and got them city. After the death of her mother and father, she is placed in a foster home. 

Her foster parents question her behavior and her habits. Elizabeth and her foster sister become separated after the murder of their foster parents. 

Elizabeth follows in her father's footsteps, with ruthless behavior and unOrthodox actions. 
She's witty, smart, and is not afraid of using her sexuality to get what she wants. She vows to locate the whereabouts of her sister no matter how long it takes, she gets distracted when she runs into the Joker.

The sexual tension between them is undeniable.Has she found her soul mate in the joker or will his inability to stay in a stable relationship get in the way. After all both of them are homicidal hearts.
Turns out that her green haired lover has a secret is been keeping from her, a secret so big it takes them from lovers to sworn enemies. Elizabeth goes out of her way to kill the joker by forming a girl gang of other powerful women in Gotham.

i thought this was a joker fan fic but yanno ahs is my life so idc
AffableAnne AffableAnne Aug 06
Yessss! I love that you started it with the back story for her! Ugh so glad you published this sooner than I thought you would! 😝😎
Aurelia700 Aurelia700 Aug 06
Even though I don't understand who Elizabeth is I still love it 😂
Aurelia700 Aurelia700 Aug 03
I'm gonna watch suicide squad on Thursday 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 eeppp I'm so excited!! Jared Leto's joker is gonna turn me on so much in the theatres (I've got no shy)😂
AffableAnne AffableAnne Aug 01
I'm really looking forward to this. You have no idea. Like REALLY looking forward to this.
Just my type of story I like to read! I can't for it to come out. :)