When Stars Align [Shiro x Male Reader]

When Stars Align [Shiro x Male Reader]

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RollerCoasterWords By RollerCoasterWords Updated Jul 29, 2016

Hi 2 any trash babies lookin @ this. I got a request 2 make my story with a male protagonist and because I crave Validation and have a need 2 be liked I'm doin it so waddup.

This is literally going to be the exact same story as my other one. Word for word. Seriously just gonna copy and paste, change some prounouns and the name, and throw my revamped garbage at the internet.
Because of that, this one might get updated a lil slower.

ANYWAY y'all can just ignore this if u like the female reader version, but if ur lil trash hearts wanna read it as a male reader knock urself out. Gotta show dem boiz some love. 

ALSO cover creds once again 2 Solkorra. Seriously check her out this girl is crazy good at art like ???? ok bye

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Ha that's funny because I have an oc that is very feminine in both personality and figure he's also gay and he is also the main character in both my stories heh......
Bless your soul sweetie don’t worry we’re happy you thought of us
Winter1776 Winter1776 Jun 07
Your a star boy, I'm a star boy , yeah we're all star boys here!( lol k*ll me)
KetsuOnyo KetsuOnyo Aug 08
What it's like playing mercy in overwatch.
                              I need healing, i need healing, i need healing.....GO GET A HEALTH PACK
Boyprincess_2 Boyprincess_2 Dec 06, 2016
It's cool queen. Firstly, it's your story so write us how you want. Secondly, I'm rather feminine anyway so I relate to the T
ShapeShifter8745 ShapeShifter8745 Oct 24, 2016
I don't mind and my friends say that I act rather feminine anyway.