Running From Him

Running From Him

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miki654123 By miki654123 Updated Jul 07, 2015

The sunset lit the plantation a dim, golden glow, making the grounds look almost peaceful if I tuned out the other slaves' whispers and shouts. I loved this time of day; it almost made the plantation look more like Heaven than Hell. 

Almost. Nothing could ever completely wipe away the bloodshed that has sank deep into the soil this house and field were built upon. Then again, why would the masters let us forget? It reminds us slaves to stay in our place, how easily replaceable we are. We are property, objects, animals. 

Like wild animals, we were tamed and taught to do the tricks our masters demand, because if we don't, there will surely be punishment coming our way. The only difference is dogs are more highly regarded than we are, matter of fact, they use dogs to scent us if we choose to run. How sadistic is that, using one tamed animal to find another? I know they enjoy the chase, it brings them some sick satisfaction. It's truly awful, but we don't voice our opinion, for our maste...

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How are people so ignorant? Obviously she isn’t gonna know the alphabet *facepalm* she’s a slave for goodness sake. They didn’t have the privileges we have now so stop with the idiotic replies correcting her alphabet.
AliArtemis AliArtemis Mar 30
We must learn your true power, hurry, before the dark lord comes and destroys all of -- Insert world here--
let's get down to business, to defeat the huns. did they send me daughters, when i asked for sons.
Red_Rubyz Red_Rubyz Sep 06, 2016
Ohhh yeah.. he's teaching her how to read and write awwwwww. HELL YEAH YOU GONE BE GETTIN DIS PUSSY WHEN I KNOW HOW TO READ AND WRITE.. BITCH
flash_rave flash_rave Jan 29, 2017
I don't think her wanting to be free has anything to do with her wanting to be with you I mean come on who wants to be a slave
flash_rave flash_rave Jan 29, 2017
Dude you don't have to go with her she just needs you to sign a paper then she out