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What will they say? (Zanvis, Gaurance, Vylante)

What will they say? (Zanvis, Gaurance, Vylante)

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grace/azura By AzureiliaKawii Updated May 13

Garroth, Zane and Vylad are 3 Ro'meave brothers who have feelings for none other than their best friends. What will they need to face to be accepted by their group of friends?
This is a VERY gay fanfiction for all you aphmau fans out there! I will be uploading regularly, and I hope you like it!

I love British accents!!! I wish I could listen to you read the story instead of reading it myself... Okay I sound kinda creapy!!
Okay if I'm correct this is collage. I hope Dante and Jeffory are dormates. XD
This is TOTALLY based off of Harry Potter and I...
                              LOVE IT!
- - Jul 31, 2016
I love your description xD
                              'This will be a VERY gay fanfiction'
DifferentOnline DifferentOnline Sep 29, 2016
OMG i love it! Umm... can you read MY Zanvis story too please?
bitchy_emo bitchy_emo Dec 30, 2016
.... What is this? Shady Side Academy? Bring out the rainbow flag please!