The Baby Project. Dramione.

The Baby Project. Dramione.

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Emz By IrishGodess Updated Jul 28, 2016

The Harry Potter gang are in their 7th year. Not after but set before the second war. 
Mcgonagall decided that a new subject should be put in the school sytem. 
Being the Baby Project.
The pairs are picked, some from the same houses some from different. Say a certin Gryfindor and slytherin? 

This is a story I think I will try update often. That is if you are intrested in it. Whenever I write a story its hardly been red by anyone but my friends have so please read it if you are into drama dramione and are a harry potter fan.
A/N:  I am sooo sorry I have not updated. My mobile data has been cut off so my 5th chapter is a draft. I tried to publish it on computer but there is no use. So once again sorry and I'm trying my best to get it published 

I am only 12 so please do not critize. I do not own the characters only the plot and the newly come generations of the Harry Potter cast. 

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gaillmar gaillmar Apr 23, 2018
Ok, I am jumping in here on the English bandwagon....disagree, participate,society,magic, the sorting hate is an it, not a he.
Amber_LunNyx Amber_LunNyx Jun 17, 2017
Did you just.... did I read that right? Did you just say Hermione has a crush on HARRY?!?!😲😲😝😝😝
Slythindor4life Slythindor4life Sep 20, 2017
That's ok. I don't think anyone has nagic... JK it's quite funny
the_new_cinderella the_new_cinderella Oct 23, 2017
I think it should be "your partner will be chosen by the sorting hat"
DrarryIsNowCannon DrarryIsNowCannon Oct 08, 2016
I know you said you were 12 but for future reference it's soulmate🙂
roxyrose725 roxyrose725 Feb 23, 2017
Just wanted to let you know it says nagic instead of magic where its says you'll by stripped of your "nagic"