The Queen, The Knight and The Marauders

The Queen, The Knight and The Marauders

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Ilona By Katriilona Updated Aug 03, 2017

Lily Luna Potter knew she should have suspected something when her cousin asked her to follow him on the night of Hallowe'en. She did not, however, think that the rest of her evening would be spent in the late 70's.

Lily and her best friend, Frank Longbottom, find themselves in 1977 because of a malfunctioning Vanishing Cabinet and a meddling Weasley. They have to brace themselves, for what else lures in the seventies but hideous fashion, horrible slang and a bunch of Marauders.

As they strive to survive against all odds, Lily starts to believe that not all in the past is written in stone, while Frank is desperately trying to get his best friend to see him as more than, well, a friend.

The Queen, The Knight and The Marauders
Also known as
Those Whom I Never Met Either

An independent sequel to the story 'Those whom I never met'.

Unedited! Will start editing when the story is finished.

The updating schedule is frequently unfrequent.

I do not own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does.

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SibunasAtHogwarts SibunasAtHogwarts Aug 21, 2016
Perfect! I love the fact that she's the only Potter Slytherin and not Albus. That's just the way I always imagined it! I was so happy to read that. AND GO GO TEAM FRILY! Or Lank? Eh, FRILY.