Cold Love-KBTBB

Cold Love-KBTBB

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Hiddles and Chrissy By HiddlesandLoki Completed

Eisuke Ichinomiya has everything he could ask for.

He's rich,handsome,powerful and has got women on their knees for him.

So why does he feel so...empty?

Love...he doesn't believe in it.It's only an obstacle that'll slow him down.

So how will he feel when he starts to develop feelings for a girl who works at a coffee shop near the hotel?

And how will he face the fact that...

She's already taken by someone?

Well,there's one thing that we can say for sure about Eisuke...

He won't ever let anyone take anything that belongs to him.

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Yuri040 Yuri040 Feb 19
I agreed with SOMEBODY_CRAZY_ it is So OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!BUUUUUURNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! It really burn baby!
NickyZaizen NickyZaizen Aug 04, 2016
Oh my god. This is their first time meeting. I can't wait for thhe next chapter.
KBTBBGirl99 KBTBBGirl99 Aug 05, 2016
No!!! Why did the chapter have to end. It was such a GREAT CHAPTER!!!😃😃😃. I can't wait for the next chapter.
cupcakefreak1172 cupcakefreak1172 Aug 05, 2016
She has a boyfriend!?😵 suspense already 😂😁 can't wait for next episode (chapter)😁😀 this is my new fav show😊😊
LetMeSeeYourGrrrFace LetMeSeeYourGrrrFace Jan 09, 2017
1000 yen isn't that much. It equals to about 12 dollars usd or cad 😂
NickyZaizen NickyZaizen Aug 05, 2016
She have a what???? Heck Eiruke will be mad and go crazy... but there is one person always say that you can buy anything bit not someone's heart.