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GINGER [r. weasley]

GINGER [r. weasley]

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SHELBY GRACE, YOU HOE! By metatronsfall Updated Jan 09

"red hair? you must be a weasley."

"actually, believe it or not, malfoy -- I was just born with red hair. stop trying to be like your father and get your head out of your ass"

"well maybe one day you'll be one."

"what the hell does that mean?"

the only things that she and ron had in common were their mutual distaste for draco malfoy, their similar hair color, and their sudden liking for each other.

thank you @expectoremus for this amazing plot!

[ 2016 ]
[ draco hate ]
[ order of the phoenix ]

he's always been such a huge James Potter to me when he had his dark hair because mhm yes please. not that i don't love Aaron Taylor Johnson, it's just Dane to me represents James so much better.
queenmaxine- queenmaxine- Dec 15, 2016
I'll still be imagining it as Emma and Matthew because they are just like automatically the first Hermione and Neville I think of...
Draco is secretly a fangirl. He literally does not know the girl's name (and neither do we) but his otp is this random ginger and Ron Weasley.
--HufflepuffPride-- --HufflepuffPride-- Oct 01, 2016
Ha, love her already 😂 
                              Slayed, Malfoy. You've been slayed.
RayaAlice RayaAlice Jan 01
I love your choice of character but I will probably still picture her as Emma, Sorry Xx
EmieVillalta EmieVillalta 7 days ago
Finally Neville blonde. I mean theres nothing wrong with a brunette neville but this is how J.K Rowling imagined and wrote him as