ginger ➢ r. weasley

ginger ➢ r. weasley

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"red hair? you must be a weasley."

"actually, believe it or not, malfoy -- I was just born with red hair. stop trying to be like your father and get your head out of your ass"

"well maybe one day you'll be one."

"what the hell does that mean?"

the only things that she and ron had in common were their mutual distaste for draco malfoy, their similar hair color, and their sudden liking for each other.

thank you @expectoremus for this amazing plot!

[ 2016 ]
[ draco hate ]
[ order of the phoenix ]

Know one else can be Hermione! This is such a disgrace. To many people Emma Watson means a lot. Ugh. (And NO, she's not a disgrace cause she's black it's a disgrace because Emma Watson isn't playing Hermione) which is actually really offensive to her hard work put in to the movies
I love Emma's Hermione but this is awesome and the face claim is beautiful
Ha, love her already 😂 
                              Slayed, Malfoy. You've been slayed.
i honestly love Emma, but this is basically how I pictured Hermione to look
I love Emma Watson, but this girl looks more like Hermione should👍👌
I get so happy when I see a Neville that has blond hair. It's just like the books!!