When Running Him Over Isn't Enough (UNDER EDIT)

When Running Him Over Isn't Enough (UNDER EDIT)

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Running him over in her mom's stolen car, was just the tip of the iceberg
  Period blood, involuntary nudity, diarrhoea and all things in between. Jasmine is just shit out of luck when concealing the fact she is a walking fire hazard. 
    Indebted to the double-edged kindness of the son to an influential and powerful man, checks Jasmine in for a summer of awkward adventures and mayhem, finding colourful companions along the way, that leave memories to last a lifetime. 

    So experience the culture-clash and diversity in backgrounds between two people that strike up an unlikely not-so-friendship-interaction, as a result of terrible choices and instant regrets. 
    Mistakes and mishaps will lead to friendship. 
    Making frenemies will lead them to her secrets. 
    When truth comes out about her past, will she have what it takes to overcome her demons, or forsake her new happiness as old enemies strike again?
    Let's just say:
    Running him over wasn't enough 
    *WARNING: contains loveable, potty mouthed characters and sensitive themes. Definitely have you laughing, cringing and crying alike!*

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kj-love09 kj-love09 Mar 12
Oh oh, soz mate, It's 'Chris Evans' but you're forgiven, eventhough that mighty fine piece of meat is my hubby ❤
Red_Girl02 Red_Girl02 Nov 01, 2016
Oh, so now he's your brother? LMFAO 
disgurlluvsAnime disgurlluvsAnime Aug 24, 2016
😂😂😂😂this is probably the best way someones decribed a person. I've ever read👌🏼
nightmare0104 nightmare0104 Sep 15, 2016
😑yes...and you ruined it....this girl man😂😂😂😂
Red_Girl02 Red_Girl02 Nov 01, 2016
Little did you know, how I'm breaking when you fall asleeeeeep
Red_Girl02 Red_Girl02 Nov 01, 2016
Yep. Michael Jackson after you almost kill a guy is just perfect. Now, who? Tay Tay?