Forced To Marry Mr.CEO

Forced To Marry Mr.CEO

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Shout to: @fancydreamerx for making this amazing cover 😍

Layla Leon is a gorgeous girl; she is a very kind hearted and shy girl. She lives with her two parents and respects them dearly but there is a dirty little secret they have been hiding from Layla and they are scared one day she will find out! Layla puts others before herself, she can't stand seeing people in pain or heartbroken.  Layla believes in love and wishes she could find love someday. 

Toni Mahfud is a handsome CEO but he isn't only handsome he is cocky! Every girl in town is all over him, except one girl which that is Layla. Toni and his family are the richest people in town. People call Toni a very cold hearted man. People are scared to even talk to him because they think they will get yelled at. Toni has never believed in love and doesn't ever want to know what love is. Why? You may ask people say he has a secret of why he doesn't believe in love but he never talks about it. 

What would happen when Layla and Toni are forced to marry each other? What would happen when Layla finds out about the dirty secret her parents have been hiding? What is Toni's past about love? Will Toni believe in love? Will Layla melt his cold heart? What will happen when Layla fall in love with Toni? Or what would happen when Toni falls in love with Layla? Will the drama end? Or will it start but never end? Read and find out!

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‘One of’ aren’t you supposed to be flat broke? You should barely have ONE dress.