What if

What if

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Libra23 By Libra23 Updated 7 days ago

This is my own personal imagination running wild! When I look at Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship in full, despite their darker moments, I see two individuals who once really loved each other! Is that love still there? That has yet to be seen but small glimpses peek through the cracks onto the surface! As I said this is my own personal take on where I think they stand now when it comes to one another! I wasn't sure if I wanted to write such a story because a lot of people tend to allow themselves to get emotional attached to lives of these two celebrities! It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is ME, so enjoy if you please! 

Warning: this won't be some trumped up fairytale but a story written from what I see and feel these two may be going through when it comes to the love between them! The real life people they surround themselves with will be included in this book so if you're going to have any complaints about his friends, hers, potential love interests, or his daughter then I suggest you don't read!

For those willing to have an open mind and be down for the ride, then welcome my loves for one hell of a book! 

- Ang ❤️

k_zeresh k_zeresh Aug 15, 2016
You are speaking absolute truth right about now! 💯💯💯
pamiewamie pamiewamie Jul 27, 2016
Her going down memory lane will play on my feelings cause no lie they looked hella good together anyways great start loved the chapter
pamiewamie pamiewamie Aug 29, 2016
This statement is true I feel like that's how she truly feels
SayWowBackwards SayWowBackwards Jul 27, 2016
This is great btw I can't wait to see your view. I think ours are similar.
pamiewamie pamiewamie Aug 29, 2016
I never liked her even before everything popped off with Chris and her she was just a nobody looking for a come up and she proved a whole lot of people right including myself
TiaSocaLova08 TiaSocaLova08 Jul 29, 2016
Baby gyal. To meh she and Drake never had a relationship. Where are her interviews where she talks about him with love and emotion. Where are her songs about him? Please I still don't believe they are currently dating