His "Perfect" Kitten

His "Perfect" Kitten

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Kennadork By kennadork Updated Oct 27

"Ace, what are you doing?" I asked backing up against the wall. Ace walked over with a seductive smile on his gorgeous face, his grey eyes pulling me in. My heart pounded as I looked up at his 6'2 figure loomed over my 5'5 one. 

"Can I kiss you kitten?" Ace asked his velvety voice husky with lust as his eyes darkened. His rough palms cupped my cheeks making me stay still, my breathing ragged. The butterflies in my belly were crazy at the proximity between us. 

I kept quiet not know what to do. My eyes widened at the question, my hands resting on his perfectly sculpted chest that was hidden by a thin layer of black cotton. 

Taking my silence as a sign of approval, Ace leaned in, placing his pink plump lips on mine.


He is danger. 

She is safety.

He is surrounded by darkness.

She is the light.

He is steel.

And she is silk, but that is what must have pulled them together... The differences.

asherwills asherwills Aug 01
I love this book just from that state ment because it is so me!!!!!😂😂
U tell me girl you let someone you don't know in your house and now your asking your self "What just happened"..........BRUH
Second-hand embarrassment is one of the worst feelings ever !!!😂😂😂