Tarzan (Completed)(Book 1 of the Tarzan Trilogy)

Tarzan (Completed)(Book 1 of the Tarzan Trilogy)

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A camping trip gone wrong has left Tigris Staar stranded in the middle of a forest, separated from her friends who had lost her during a storm. The days past and Tigris fights for survival: starvation, dehydration, and even being attacked by gorillas and befriending a leopard she names Aslan. Her days are starting to become numbered even though Aslan helps her with food and stuff. But then one day, Tigris is rescued, but not by who she wanted. 

Tarak, or Tarzan as Tigris calls him, is the Chief of a tribe in the forest called The Forest Tribe. Tarak finds Tigris near starvation and dehydrated and takes him back to the village where he nurtures her back to health. But it's hard to makes things work when Tarak and Tigris come from two different worlds where neither of them speak the same language. But they do slowly and Tigris slowly regains her strength and waits to be able to go home. But Tarak has no plans on letting her go. 

He has found his one and he wasn't planning on letting her go...

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The_Night_Writer The_Night_Writer Apr 23, 2017
I love the way she had time to look at the leopard in the eye. If that was me, I would be screaming and running the opposite way. Lol
__droyalty__ __droyalty__ Jun 30, 2017
The beginning of that first sentence reminded me of Twilight😂😂
Sara_Holdermen Sara_Holdermen Sep 24, 2017
I want to see a human mate do this in a werewolf book, it might change things up a bit from the very unoriginal yet most common plot.
EmbracingMadness EmbracingMadness Nov 01, 2017
The beginning of the movie of Twilight starts with this one line.
ArtNightStars ArtNightStars Aug 11, 2017
Funny thing is, I just graduated high school and my group of friends went on a senior trip in the woods and there was a really bad storm one day. No joke 😂
You know I think I mixed up my large car species because I was imagining him all black like the cat from The jungle book.