Double Trouble [COMPLETED]

Double Trouble [COMPLETED]

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justanotherbrowngirl By Sharvari410 Completed

Sequel to T for Trouble

Aarohi is a young nerd who hasn't seen much of the world. So when her first and only boyfriend ever, suggests that they go to Goa to party, she couldn't possibly say no, right?

Well what could go wrong? 

For starters, she runs away from home. 
Like father, like daughter.

She has her first drink. 
She has her first kiss.
She gets arrested for trespassing.
She goes skinny dipping.
Her drunk video goes viral.
Her college application gets rejected.
Her so called boyfriend abandons her.

But none of these compare to the nightmare she has to face before going home.
Her parents send the one guy she has hated all her life to bring her back home- their family friends' son, Karthik.

And that is just the beginning of a wild, unexpected year.

Because both of them do the one thing they probably shouldn't have done.

Fall in love.

The only question remains- is it with each other?

Join Aarohi in her crazy journey where trouble multiplies in the form of a stubborn bad boy who won't turn off the charm, an ex-boyfriend who won't let go, scary parents who won't stop trailing, and an entire gang of Royals who won't stop nagging about her marriage.

Warning: It's okay if you haven't read the first book- T for Trouble, but I advise you to read it as a lot of characters will be repetitive.

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hanshuuu hanshuuu Jul 28, 2016
This was hilarious.... Totally loved it 😍😍👏🏻👏🏻
A1shaR A1shaR Jul 28, 2016
I was eagerly waiting for the chapter.. its awesome. Update soon :)
itsdisneychanyeol itsdisneychanyeol Jul 28, 2016
Okay I definitely see Ranbir 😂 but I can hear Ranveer singing it 😂
deepixholic deepixholic Oct 16, 2016
Colgate ads suck but the way you used it here is amazing 😍