• Nico di Angelo x Reader • One Shots •

• Nico di Angelo x Reader • One Shots •

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"One person has many sides..." 

Love the Ghost King? Want to read about the crazy adventures featuring you, the reader, and Nico? Maybe cook together, or have him as a soulmate? Well you came to the right place! Read on to find out about all the romantic and not-so-romantic one shots with all your favorite PJO /HOO characters!

Cover made by me! 
Now a one shot book!
Just so you know, 

(Y/N) = Your Name
(F/C) = Favorite Color 
(E/C) = Eye Color 
(S/T) = Skin Tone, I.e., tan, pale, dark, etc., etc., 
(F/A) = Favorite Animal 
(F/TS) = Favorite TV Show 
(F/M) = Favorite Movie 
(H/C) = Hair Color 
(W/N) = Weapon Name 
(N/N) = Nickname 
I will add more in chapters, if I have to. I do AU's (Alternate Universes), Two Shots, Requests, and more. For specified requests, I will still add (Y/ N), sorry, you can offer suggestions for setting, idea, theme, feeling, etc., etc., just no specific names. i.e Janna x Nico. For more information, see Request Page.

I don't own Percy Jackson 
I don't own you 
All rights go to rightful owners

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