Gotta Be Him {Harry Styles Fanfic}

34 Part Story 2.3M Reads 12.1K Votes
Kahli By xxLoveMeNotxx Completed
Lexi is Louis Tomlinson's cousin who moved away to Australia when she was 12. She returns to visit him  on a holiday and meets 1D- Romance begins to bloom between her the cheeky Harry Styles! Is the publicity of their relationship too much to handle? Read on to find out what happens....
I love this :) <3
                                    this is like my 4th or 5th time reading and this is actually the first fanfic i've read so it was great :D
I love one direction too! In looking foward reading your book!
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Oh my god... My name is Alexia and i go by Lexi... Well shit
This was the first fanfiction I ever read... Brings back memories
You should right a new fanfic and what does 302. 
                                    Found mean
i really like this cause my name is lexy but spelt...differently.
                                    READ STRAIGHT INTO MY HEART AND STOLE IT!