My Total Drama Rantings

My Total Drama Rantings

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fellaway By fellaway Updated 18 hours ago

Just a collection of how I feel on topics of Total Drama.


These are my full on feelings, emotions, and thoughts towards anything Total Drama.  If you're offended, please be respectful to my opinion and I'll do my best to be respectful to yours.  That doesn't mean I won't back up my points.  I'm all for debate!  Feel free to message me or comment about anything you'd like to discuss!

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abelsessed abelsessed Jun 21
We can all say that these writers are trash due to the way they wrote our favorite characters they can think of something else to get the show interesting but it will always be if they keep the host Chris in the show
VRLrocks VRLrocks Sep 14
I agree with everything you said here. And I totally think Courtney and Duncan should of stayed together.
JamialaMax JamialaMax Jul 26
                              What is more hypocritical is that Gwen and Trent weren't together, but Gwen sure was crying when Heather kissed him. It's worse when Gwen did it because the other girl was her FRIEND. At least Heather was an enemy.
Timegear33 Timegear33 Sep 09, 2016
You really have a point here.  I don't entirely agree, but what you said was so well worded and was supported by pretty great evidence.  You portrayed your argument well.  Keep up the awesome work.  :)
A_Lil_Kat2002 A_Lil_Kat2002 Nov 24, 2016
Well. It IS Izzy after all. Sorry to be mean. That's just my opinion.
Rain129 Rain129 Nov 11, 2016
I like both Courtney and Gwen, but I really dislike Duncan.  He was such a jerk in the later seasons.  Remember when he threw that WILD DINGO at Cody in "Picnic at Hanging Dork?"