Percy Jackson X Reader

Percy Jackson X Reader

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Your a half blood that's been at camp since you were seven. You and Annabeth are best friends. You are from the Apollo cabin. 

This is a story about you falling for seaweed brain and him falling for you. Hope you enjoy!

(This takes place during The Lightning Thief)

Hey me from the book. Stop talking about Annabeth that way. A teacher at to take your book away to you stoped reading in class.
Angelroc4 Angelroc4 Mar 20
Hey, me, Do NOT diss Anna for reading a bunch, your the same way...
Thorny-Rose Thorny-Rose Aug 13
My aunt makes up words that don't even make sense so you fine
Instead of Hermes I read Hermione since that bookworm statement!
Laineyx167 Laineyx167 Sep 13
I watched Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief two years ago lol xD
Roxanne528 Roxanne528 5 days ago
My history teacher last year has a project where you dress up as a Greek/Roman god and basically do a minute presentation on the while being  "In character". I did Artemis and my one guy friend did Apollo and we pretended to be actual twins for a while. It was fun 😂😂😂