Young Justice: College AU

Young Justice: College AU

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Lauryn :p By Skycrystal23 Updated Nov 13

Two years after they finished Highschool everyone gets accepted to Gotham University. Except all doesn't look as it seems. Soon their chaotic lives catch up to them. With new found children, kidnappings, and undercover agents they couldn't seem any less unusual. If they can't trust outsiders who's to say they can't trust each other. 

Second book out of the series. 

Book one: Young Justice: Highschool AU
Book two: Young Justice: College AU

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Why dissent she just use her magic and beat the carp out of him???
Garfield!!!!! WHYYYY!!!!! WHY MUST YOU HURT MY BABY!?????!!!
shannwolf81 shannwolf81 Mar 31
leaning on a door of course your going to slip if u haven´t noticed a door moves dau
theeMrFOX theeMrFOX Apr 21
😱 moth man is back at it (is that what the villain is called?)
- - Oct 21, 2016
Oh my god
                              of a moth?
                              If I had emoji's, it'd be the 'crying bcuz laughing' shitty one over and over.
                              AND OMG
                              THE CUDDLES ARE SO #RELATIONSHIPGOALS ;-;-;
                              Spitttfireeee foreeeveerrr