Anything My Sweet

Anything My Sweet

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Garden of love By MarillaGarden Completed

~Book 1 of the Mafia series~
| Completed/Editing slowly|

Alicia La'stat suffers from past traumatic stress disorder due to an incident that happened when she was only eight years old. Nightmares of the past haunts her nights, which she doesn't even remember very well.

Adopted by a the Washington's was the only thing that made each day pass by easily. One day, her life gets flipped upside down when her brother Ryan gets arrested for attempted muder. 

Ryan Washington works for Salvador Gibinishy, a man with no filter. What he thinks, he says and doesn't care about the aftermath. Powerful and ruthless with no amount of feelings, did I forget to mention that he's apart of the Mafia?

For her to save her brother from jail, she has to work for Gibinshy. What happens when Alicia's past unravels before her eye's? 

Find out what happens in "Anything My sweet." For yourselves..

Chapter 18 is private...

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thank you for your beautiful stories, its entertaining. keep on writing 🙈😄
U I m unable to read the other chapters ?????why is there only two chaptersssss
meerajambo meerajambo Sep 12
Way to awesome to describe about it  hope am gonna enjoy reading it as I enjoying the trailer
crazypant crazypant Apr 05
Ian somerhalder.. my bae
                              Winchester brothers
                              Oh boy
                              This trailer slayed
U I m unable to read the other chapters ?????why is there only two chaptersssss
minnie1192 minnie1192 Apr 18
RIP.... I lost my best friend too.... Sore subject for me but I can feel what you feel