Inexperienced Love (under construction)

Inexperienced Love (under construction)

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a name By book_worm615 Updated Nov 06, 2015

It has been around twelve years since werewolves have made themselves known. At the age of two, human Ariel Collins was left on the doorstep of an orphanage. No, her parents are very well alive. But since meeting their werewolf mates, both human’s agreed to get rid of whatever past they both had; which unfortunately included little Ariel as well. Since then Ariel has never understood and experienced love.  

Though this would make one bitter and cruel, sixteen year old Ariel turned out to be the complete opposite. Always looking at the brighter and positive side of every situation she learned to be happy on her own. Knowing that once she turns sixteen she’ll be eligible to attend the mating ball, where each human and werewolf has the possibility to find their other half.


Meet Thane Grey, one of the most powerful, ruthless, heartless and youngest Alphas out there. He never needed and wanted a mate. His mind was set on the safety and well being of his pack, he doesn’t need another responsibility. Though being the age of nineteen and unmated he was required to attend the mating ball. He thought this year would be like the rest, but he was wrong.

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Samantha_Leann Samantha_Leann May 22, 2017
I have a feeling her mate will be either an Alpha or a Vampire
TheAggravatedSoul TheAggravatedSoul Oct 20, 2016
I could have sworn ive read this..i just dont remember.. But i know ive read this. GREAT STORY BTW
FuzzyPigSlippers FuzzyPigSlippers Feb 06, 2016
She said earlier that she had been there for fourteen year but now it says twelve. I'm confused which is it?
Bringalldluvson Bringalldluvson Dec 10, 2015
Ugh! I feel so bad for her cause she's gonna get the biggest jerk of them all! And she's so bubbly and innocent....I just know she's going to do a lot of crying
niallsthighgap niallsthighgap Nov 16, 2015
Um her mom and her moms mate have the same last name...coincidence? I think not.
Briredrose Briredrose Sep 05, 2015
Watch her parents come crawling back to her, when they learn who her mate is...