Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez

Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez

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Lisa's point of view:

Hi my name is Lisa Gonzalez. I mostly live in Mexico. But now I live here in California. My parents decided we had to move because my dad had a job there. Me, my mom, dad, and sister was unpacking so we left and put our boxes in the truck. My mom's name is Yadira, my dad's name is Victor, and my sister's name is Rose. But usually I call her Rosie.

*After crossing the border*

We stopped at a house next to a pink and white house. We started to unpack. While I was getting a box I spotted two boys. One was kinda short than the other, had brown and orange-ish color. And the other one was tall, tan skin, and had a LA hat. He seem so cute. I picked up my box but it was so heavy I had to drop it. The two boys walked towards me. "You need help?" the cute boy asked me. "Ya sure." He picked up the box and put it on the front door. "Hey. My name is Scotty Smalls and I live right next you." the boy pointed to the pink and white house next to ours. "Oh hey. My name is Lisa G...

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