Rejected by him(Book 1 in the love me Saga)

Rejected by him(Book 1 in the love me Saga)

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"God Makenzie! How many ways do I have to reject you just so you can understand? I don't want you! I don't now nor will I ever! The spirits would never curse me with you!" With those word I felt my heart break into millions of pieces. He didn't want the one person in the world that is suppose to love me no matter what didn't even want me. Fine if no one wanted me around then i'll do them all a favor and leave. They won't ever have to worry about me bothering them with my face ever again.

Makenzie wasn't your normal female wolf. She was a bit overweight. Every day of her Jr. high/high school life she has been make fun of, pushed around, and talked about. Even her brother Derrek joined in. Just when she thought life couldn't suck even more she meets her mate, Jace Valentine, her brothers best friend who rejected her. She couldn't take any more so she runs away hoping to find another pack, but you won't believe what she finds.


hey all whos reading! should i write this or should i not? i'm not sure if people will really like it… tell me what you think! should i write a chapter or delete the story?

-much love 


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Kenz122803 Kenz122803 Feb 17
Already in love with book cuz this is the EXACT way I spell my name😂💓
soccer2507 soccer2507 Dec 18, 2017
Maybe because she’s not just a pack member but your mate😡
gigi219 gigi219 Dec 05, 2017
Umm I don’t know how to say this honey… OK I’ll just come out with it… read your description
JustSwam JustSwam Dec 05, 2017
See I'm a tad confused cause i thought he hated her? I mean I'm glad he doesn't, but...
JustSwam JustSwam Dec 05, 2017
areon1200 areon1200 Sep 11, 2017
Girl u need help talkin about u love him go to sleep u dont know wat love is