Carousel ( A NateWantsToBattle Fanfic )

Carousel ( A NateWantsToBattle Fanfic )

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Stressed, anxious, and video game obsessed Jade Hope has returned to Windy Ridge Boarding school for her senior year, prepared to do her best and only focus on school, until Nathan Smith arrives as her friend's new roommate.

Nate is quiet and sensitive, and something about him attracts Jade, which makes her want to help him with the trouble he's going through with his parents and his own struggles, but with the way things are going, she feels like she's on the slowest horse on the carousel.


( Also being edited, especially Jade's features. Chapters 1-22 so far are the ones that have her accurate hair color and eye color. )

Alrighthey Alrighthey Mar 22
I am reading this over because this is awesome. Can't wait to see what else happens.
Nate is actually me right now (besides the parents thing). First chapter, and I'm already in LOVE with this book!!!
I had a geography teacher called Dr. Ackinson. He was the absolute worst. Luckily he lost his job. And out whole class rejoiced
*thinks back to season 1 episode 1 of gravity falls* "Don't hit any pedestrians." Wendy said.
I didn't know Mark and Jack were going to be in this! But I am NOT complaining. :3
AntiLover64 AntiLover64 Feb 22
I used to have a teacher called Mr. Ackinson ...i still remember that his first name is David 🙃