Two Guys in One Day, to Bad They're Immortal Enemies

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Paige By SilenceLoud Updated 4 years ago
My name is Casey Curus and I’m a 15 year old girl. I go to Truman public high school, and am currently in 10th grade. I’ve seen a pretty good amount of werewolves and vampires. Two obnoxious boys swear they're in love with me, but the trouble is that ones a werewolf and the other is a vampire...oh and did i mention they are both royalty.
when are you going to upload im am dieing to hear whats gonna happen upload soon please
rofl I love it! <3
                                    mt guess would be that it's one of the prices maybe the wolf becaz vamps. have fast reflexes unless he's doing it on perpose. XD keep it up!
hey. read my story " Life as a Vampirette" its not half as good as yours but please let me know what you think! thanks
great idea, never would of thought of doing a story like that, love it, keep up the good work 
Please continue to upload this story I would like to know how it ends :-)