The Unwanted Half-breed

The Unwanted Half-breed

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MizukoWaterchild By MizukoWaterchild Updated Jan 18, 2017

Im the unwanted,the unloved,the despised,and frankly Im okay with that.  It means no connections,no betrayals,no deaths that could hurt me in the future. Im emotionless,cruel and dangerous,just the way I like it. No ones ever tried to understand me so why should I try to understand others. 
I live by three different rules.
 1. Finish the mission at all costs. 2. Dont leave any evidence behind. 3. Dont get attached.
 These rules I gave myself, worked perfectly in every mission. Until one ends up going horribly wrong. Making me relive the past I wished to keep buried.

Warning: swearing is in this book(like Hidan swearing), im warning you before hand,so please no complaints.

P.S this book is also my first Fanfic, so please bear with me..

All rights are reserved to the original creators of 'Magi' I only own my personal OC's
I do not own the picture of this cover, just small edits. (Pictures/Media are not mine unless proven otherwise)

The plot is mine, and so are most of the ideas. If you see any ideas that you might think are yours, plz message me. This book is not allowed to be copyed, or distributed in anyway unless first being allowed by me. If you see any books at have copyed my plot or my characters please contact me.

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theresa-may theresa-may Aug 02, 2016
Interesting plot so far! I thought it was cool how it starts off from the perspective of someone that the reader doesn't know. Just make sure to read over your work. You have a couple of grammatical errors and some missing punctuation. But I really like this so far!
theresa-may theresa-may Aug 02, 2016
I'm going to let you in on a secret (I like filler chapters!!!) ANYWAYS, I think you should space out some of your dialogue because it can be a bit difficult to read when it's in a giant chunk. But other than that, amazing chapter!