Memories Faded

Memories Faded

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Lou♡ By sheaintlou Updated Dec 01

"I got all these memories faded of you, with me being faded with you"

Rya and Odell were true relationship goals. The star football player and the most attractive girl at the university. They had been together since freshman year at LSU. Then senior year things took a turn for the worse and Rya broke things off. After that they lost contact completely. Rya moved out of Baton Rouge and Odell went on to be drafted into the NFL.

So here we are two years later, will some upcoming events bring them together? Will the truth come out? Will they rekindle the love they once had for each other? This is Memories Faded.

Couldn't Tell Him Bout His Offspring but Named The Jitt After Him.
I love the start of this story already. She should have sat down n talked to him tho
She is a whole ass hole..... U can't always take the word of some Thot.
"I flex at all her family events cause her mokma still love me yah, iiiiiiii, I flex on my ex" lmfaooo had too
I love it... But RYA and his parents are very wrong for not telling him .... Now he get surprised with a whole kid