Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

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"Don't you see (y/n)-chan?~ we were made for each other!"

You moved into a new place somewhere in Tokyo. You took care of yourself and moved to Saiko high school after being kicked out of your previous one for something you didn't do. You thought your life was normal in Saiko high? You thought wrong when a boy the same age as you becomes love sick because of you

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  • gore
  • horror
  • lovesickboy
  • obsession
  • reader-inserts
  • yandere
I ain’t good at cooking, who is this girl?!! I take food I don’t make it nor give.
Scruffy10177 Scruffy10177 Dec 16, 2017
Well it truly is... so I won't criticize your opinion this time.
roses8489 roses8489 Feb 04
Also I don’t have an aunt, my dad is a single child (I hate my dad), my mom was also a single child but her mom remarried and my moms step-siblings died, one for cancer and the other died in a car crash. Also I have no grandpas, they both died.
roses8489 roses8489 Feb 04
Yuki is Japanese for snow and jun sounds like June so he is snow June
Magishu Magishu Nov 26, 2017
This would never happen. ;-; I realize how fRiEnDleSs I am..
I should go to sle-
                              *meh alarm go crazy*
                              Its morning