Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

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"Don't you see (y/n)-chan?~ we were made for each other!"

You moved into a new place somewhere in Tokyo. You took care of yourself and moved to Saiko high school after being kicked out of your previous one for something you didn't do. You thought your life was normal in Saiko high? You thought wrong when a boy the same age as you becomes love sick because of you

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  • gore
  • horror
  • lovesickboy
  • obsession
  • reader-inserts
  • yandere
really great x reader, i've only read one chapter, and i'm already into it <3
CatWaifu CatWaifu Sep 09
First one's are always the best, so occult club it is ( ̄ω ̄;)
Lol when I see myself bleeding I either don't care and let myself bleed or I start freaking the shiz out.
Jesu1706 Jesu1706 Oct 09
N also I am worried due 2 the fact that someone broke into my hse I didn't noticed it or heard anything
Jesu1706 Jesu1706 Oct 09
Pls dear sir let me fin my sentence, u nvr know wat is worse when suddenly the stalker comes n murder u cos u r rude...GASP
Jin_Yin Jin_Yin 3 days ago
I'm not good at history or should I say I don't like history at all