Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

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"Don't you see (y/n)-chan?~ we were made for each other!"

You moved into a new place somewhere in Tokyo. You took care of yourself and moved to Saiko high school after being kicked out of your previous one for something you didn't do. You thought your life was normal in Saiko high? You thought wrong when a boy the same age as you becomes love sick because of you

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  • gore
  • horror
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Homework club... Wtf is wrong with this sssssssyttttttt- school
                              Book is fine
                              But homework club?! !! 
                              Who the f join that club, i mean if you want to waste your time messing your brain up then ok
Mmm Cooking Club... I can cook but I can't make main dishes to save my life. ( save for spaghetti and Meatballs and Chicken Alfredo I can't do anytging)
Silencioux Silencioux Feb 28
Music, art, and book club...
                              I was about to type cooking too for I want to improve, but I literally can't cook shìt, so it's pointless.
Koffe-Kat Koffe-Kat Mar 31
Lol, jk, I'll choose Ouran High school host Club (it has a club in the end)
Koffe-Kat Koffe-Kat Mar 31
Cooking club so that i would make a CREEPY PASTA and poison an apple
Koffe-Kat Koffe-Kat Mar 31
I have chocolate brown hair... 
                              Nah, just kidding, i actually have chocolate black hair.