Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

Yandere! Sadistic! Quiet! Boy x reader

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"Don't you see (y/n)-chan?~ we were made for each other!"

You moved into a new place somewhere in Tokyo. You took care of yourself and moved to Saiko high school after being kicked out of your previous one for something you didn't do. You thought your life was normal in Saiko high? You thought wrong when a boy the same age as you becomes love sick because of you

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really great x reader, i've only read one chapter, and i'm already into it <3
This is some yandere stuff
                              LOVE IT
I choose the occult club. Seriously, am I the only one who 'd join?
When i saw the first club i was so bline i thought ots was Thr cult club
                              Im embereseed
I literally would chose all of these if I could or at least be fine with any of them. My least desired one would probably be science club though.
I would actually join art club cause I love art (and parkour but I'm tying learn a back flip) but my school doesn't have one