Barely Breathing *(SS/OC)* (Complete)

Barely Breathing *(SS/OC)* (Complete)

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"Tell me why," he demanded, his hands pressed hard into the wall behind her as she stared up at him, she could feel the tension as it rolled off of him in waves. She wanted to touch him but thought better of it. She couldn't shatter the illusion, she didn't want to wake up this time.

"Why what?" she pleaded up at him, he muttered a muffling spell so they wouldn't be heard and her stomach flipped, she felt as though chocolate frogs jumped around all inside of her abdomen.

"Why are you tormenting me?" he finally allowed his mask to fall, if only for a moment and in that glimpse she saw his desire, barely restrained as he stared down at her.

*** Most story lines, themes, and characters belong to J.K. Rowling, I claim no ownership of Hogwarts or any of the characters therein that did not come from my own imagination.*** Sorry for any ooc situations. ***

Rated Mature for adult situations.

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