I Cant Love You -ZerLu-

I Cant Love You -ZerLu-

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SeaBunny! By SamiKallisWilliams Completed

Meet Lucy.
Known as the weakling of her guild.
Nobody knew what power she possessed.
Well, with the exception of her best friends Mavis Vermilion and Zeref Dragneel.

Meet Natsu
Other wise known as the brother of the almighty Zeref Dragneel.
He was the one who cast Lucy from the guild.

Meet Zeref
Older brother of Natsu Dragneel.
He crushes on Lucy.

Meet Mavis.
Lucy's best friend.
She tries to help Zeref get Lucy, but, fails badly.

What will happen in this world of romance.

Thank you for not discontinuing it! My internet has been acting up a lot, so sorry I'm only saying this now.