Jaspar Oneshots | Imagines

Jaspar Oneshots | Imagines

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Way of Love By WayOfLove Updated Apr 10, 2017

Just random Jaspar oneshots that I wrote on my spare time. (I ship them so hard it causes me physical pain)

[DISCLAIMER: I am not forcing Jaspar to be REAL. I am not forcing any sexuality on them both. I know nothing of being gay/being bi/coming out etc. I don't wish to make any part of this book somewhat offensive to the LGBTQ community. I just made this book for the fandom. This book is purely fictional. Nothing here is to be taken seriously. I do this because it's fun and I love seeing people enjoy my work.]

(PS: I like relating songs to Jaspar)

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M00n_Prince_ M00n_Prince_ Jun 20, 2017
OH YOU MADE MISTAKE -take 100, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 screenshots-
Heyitschey13 Heyitschey13 Sep 28, 2016
lol i'm rereading this one shots book over again because i love them so much 😂
anne_nonimus anne_nonimus Dec 09, 2016
YOU CAN'T PUT THAT SONG IN MY LIFE AGAIN!I just moved on and the song remembers me from a friend of mine that livre where I used to live ;-;