Our Dirty Little Secret. {Our Little Series 1} (COMPLETE)

Our Dirty Little Secret. {Our Little Series 1} (COMPLETE)

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Madi M. Myers By donutandfries Completed

Ladybug and Chat have been going strong for three years now fighting crime and still not knowing each other's identities. Alya, Nino, Marinette and Adrien are going to have to leave for college soon. As a fun end of the year idea Kim and Alix convince Mr.Kubdel to let them stay at Alix's families beach house during Spring Break. What will happen at a two week long slumber party with the entire class.

Second book: Our Little ChatBug
Third boo:Our Little Family

Breaking down the tittle:
Our=ships. Dirty=sinning.Little secret=SECRETS.

Start: July 29, 2016
End: August 24, 2016

  • adrien
  • chat
  • ladybug
  • marinette
  • miraculous
Fr it took a four hour drive to get there themselves but a pizza delivery takes a total of like three minutes. Now that’s good service right there
*laughs nervously* 
                              Why do I even expect him to be smart? Good thing he's hot.
Yeah me and my friends were crying in the last day of my school year and I had sworn I would not cry.
Pffft lol because we all know Chloe is a bitch and will always be
;-; No I swear I'm totally calm. I swear I am calm ;-; I SAID I'M CALM DAMN IT.
Is this gonna be needed for the rest of the story or can I just go to the good part?