Our Dirty Little Secret. {Our Little Series 1} (COMPLETE)

Our Dirty Little Secret. {Our Little Series 1} (COMPLETE)

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Madi M. Myers By donutandfries Completed

Ladybug and Chat have been going strong for three years now fighting crime and still not knowing each other's identities. Alya, Nino, Marinette and Adrien are going to have to leave for college soon. As a fun end of the year idea Kim and Alix convince Mr.Kubdel to let them stay at Alix's families beach house during Spring Break. What will happen at a two week long slumber party with the entire class.

Second book: Our Little ChatBug
Third boo:Our Little Family

Breaking down the tittle:
Our=ships. Dirty=sinning.Little secret=SECRETS.

Start: July 29, 2016
End: August 24, 2016

  • adrien
  • chat
  • ladybug
  • marinette
  • miraculous
Da_Pun_Master Da_Pun_Master Dec 08, 2017
How did she lock it from the outside? Wouldn't Mari be able to unlock it from the inside?🤔
                              But still... ADRIENETTE... ALONE... ONE ROOM... ONE BED... YOU KNOW WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS... 😉😏
;-; No I swear I'm totally calm. I swear I am calm ;-; I SAID I'M CALM DAMN IT.
XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Sep 04, 2017
And I'm not staying in a house with you for two weeks. I'm gonna get a cold from all the ice inside your soul.
I_dunno_wha_Im_doin I_dunno_wha_Im_doin Aug 28, 2017
My crush and I we still talk, but...
                              My dad cut off all my social media last month and now I can't contact him!
Hi_People_Goop Hi_People_Goop Nov 13, 2017
XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Sep 04, 2017
I usually don't like it when they are older. It just makes me feel sad that this series will eventually come to a sad end. I know it will be a happy ending because I mean it's a kids show but... I don't want it to end.
                              But in 2019 there's gonna be a liVE ACTION MOVIE AND OMG IM SO EXITED