Unexpected~ Chara X Frisk

Unexpected~ Chara X Frisk

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Roxie Kayling Ortiz By RoxieOrtiz Updated Sep 06, 2016

I'm not that hero...
I'm not that evil...

I'm not that good...
I'm not that bad...

If I take off my mask.

Your bound to go back eyes fearing mine.
Your bound to stay and laugh at what I am


Could you possible...Will you?
 See who I really am inside?

The world's full of surprises.
This is a Charisk fandom.

Frisk is 16 and male.
Chara is a demon...maybe. So she's ageless...for now.

Yes i know Frisk and Chara are gender neutral but personally i see them as all genders, but when a characters gender nuetral i base their gender from how to pronouce their name. Thats the only reason Frisk is male and Chara is female.

Asriel is 17 and we all know he's male so yeah. So far this is my best description yet, so im pretty proud even though my sis pretty much made it for me lol.

Reading this Discription fills you with Determination!

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