Mr. Control Freak ✔

Mr. Control Freak ✔

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Shanza By YourSassyQueen Completed

|#1 in Romance.|

Amelia Primrose. Your typical, carefree and bubbly girl who has been making through thick and thin to provide her sister and herself a better life. Her only dream is love and happiness but she is keeping a past. The one that keeps chasing her no matter where she goes. Forgetting about everything, she heads towards a new life by starting a job in Knight Industries but little does she knows what's waiting for her there?

Alarick Noah Knight. The world's most eligible bachelor and CEO of Knight Industries. Heart cold as ice and personality hot as hell. A billionaire who's worth swooning but he's cold, ruthless and a total control freak. For him, money is the most powerful thing in this world. Love? The one word, he despises the most.

So what happens when Amelia crosses his path?

Will he save her from her past and take away her worst nightmares or will become a part of it?

Find out in Mr. Control Freak.

Will contain explicit and mature content.


  • amarick
  • arrogant
  • billionaire
  • boss
  • ceo
  • cliche
  • hate
  • humor
  • love
  • mcf
  • millionaire
  • newadult
  • possessive
  • rich
  • romance
  • ruthless
vanshushe vanshushe Jan 11
Just saying 
                              Someone said to me that "wipe your tears yourself because if someone comes and wipes them they come to do trade(sauda)
NoodleNadia NoodleNadia 19 hours ago
okay yeah ig give her a lil pity bUT DONT DROWN HER IN IT. and I thought you were supposed to help her? “oh I’m sorry we can come back another day” wtf. ur not helping
amelie_luu amelie_luu Jan 04
                              january 4, 2019 WOAHH 2019 HOLY MOLY
                              truckee, cali
Theo james???? OMG!!! I LOVE U SOOOO FREAKING MUCH!!😍😍😍
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                              a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.
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Haters gonna hate,players gonna a life man,GOODLUCK