Chosen By Destiny

Chosen By Destiny

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blooming_rose18 By blooming_rose18 Updated May 04, 2018

"Here take this" Eric said passing a file to me.

"What's this?" I asked confused.

"The contract for our marriage" he said with a smirk "all the terms and conditions you will have to follow".

"Wait.... what?! I'm not going to marry you" I said shaking my head "I was here to just inform you that I can't marry you and you will have to find an alternative".

"And you think I didn't try to? 6 months, I have spent trying to find a different way that will save me from getting married to you but, there isn't any. So, miss Accola, yes we are getting married" he said with a disgusted face. 

Tilting my head to a little right, I asked "what if I say no?"

He smiled evilly while saying "You will have to or I will make sure you lose everything you have. Your profession, your friends, your everything".

Claire Accola, a girl in love with life, was forced to leave her family and country and enter into the world of supernaturals when she was 15. Living with a family of vampires, who treated her like their sibling, she had no idea what awaited her.

After 10 years, she was living normally as a fashion designer until when some witches demand to meet her.

What will she do when she finally get to know the reason for bringing her into the dark world? What will happen when she is forced to marry the, merciless, cruel, egoistic and heartless, king of supernaturals? Will this union destroy her or is it something chosen by her destiny.

#3 in vampire
Cover by: @shreyaNarayan12

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redrose46466 redrose46466 Feb 12, 2018
Very much so. I have opinions and ideas and problems that my parents never want to listen to and I want to live one way while they want me to do something entirely different
mjeong99 mjeong99 Apr 30, 2018
The girl like her freedom and her control on what she want to do.
ukko123 ukko123 Oct 04, 2017
Ooooh hope it’ll be a good story cux this will be my last story before the exams
user36520090 user36520090 Mar 26, 2018
yeah why do royals have to keep having another queens! i mean it's fine because it will be a free time for the people and soldier of the kingdom LOL
DonnaThomas5 DonnaThomas5 Oct 16, 2017
read the blurb and got hooked only read chapter one an im loving it xxx
rachanayadav6 rachanayadav6 Oct 02, 2017
I like it . and thnks u mentioned india in ur story. It means a lot  ; )