The "Other" Kind [Joshler]

The "Other" Kind [Joshler]

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Tyler and Jenna are getting married in a few days, and Tyler invited Josh to be in his wedding. Josh agrees, considering Tyler is his best friend. But he doesn't know how hard being in the wedding will be for him. He starts to feel differently  about Tyler; feeling differently than just a best friend. He's keeping in all of his feelings because he's afraid to tell his true feelings; afraid of sounding stupid and gay. 

What he doesn't know is Tyler is battling the same problem,  but worse because he is marrying Jenna, and he doesn't want to let her down...

They both don't know how they're feeling, and are battling the love between each other; each thinking they're going to ruin their friendship and the band.

-Swimmer- -Swimmer- Mar 15
I'd let Tyler and Josh hit me with a car cause it would mean they noticed me
topmemes1 topmemes1 6 days ago
"Caring about all of his fans, trying to walk on as many as he can" why does this sound so good to me
im gonna get on my knees would you kick me in the face please
Dude I'd even pay him to ram me against a wall and call me a fàggot
_chachii__n00dles_ _chachii__n00dles_ Oct 31, 2016
lolol i love rp
                              do u mind if i joshler rp with u?
                              no pressure
-_YunoGasai_- -_YunoGasai_- Dec 23, 2016
I read to many Joshler fan fics.....I read what felt like 20 in one day.