The "Other" Kind [Joshler]

The "Other" Kind [Joshler]

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sUiCiDaL headcase By _tylerjosh_ Completed

Tyler and Jenna are getting married in a few days, and Tyler invited Josh to be in his wedding. Josh agrees, considering Tyler is his best friend. But he doesn't know how hard being in the wedding will be for him. He starts to feel differently  about Tyler; feeling differently than just a best friend. He's keeping in all of his feelings because he's afraid to tell his true feelings; afraid of sounding stupid and gay. 

What he doesn't know is Tyler is battling the same problem,  but worse because he is marrying Jenna, and he doesn't want to let her down...

They both don't know how they're feeling, and are battling the love between each other; each thinking they're going to ruin their friendship and the band.

This book killed me. But, I'm gonna read it again. Because its amazing!
cora002 cora002 Sep 08
am i screaming into an empty sky? empty sky no way that's me cause one half of my heart is free, empty sky no way that's me cause the other half of my hearts asleep
aFabcatt aFabcatt Jul 08
I can't be the only one you read that is a sinister voice... right?
toptrash61 toptrash61 3 days ago
I'd would sacrifice my brother too have a convo with them. (Jk)
Already said this but he. Got. Married. On. My. Birthday😂
- - Jul 10
I've read this before, I just want to read it again. (I want to date this story tbh lmao)