The POWERFUL Immortal Princess

The POWERFUL Immortal Princess

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kimmykyra_04 By kimmykyra_04 Updated May 15

Don't you ever mess up with the coldest person ever, she's the greates of all the greatest, she is the strongest of all the stongest, the ruler of the two existing worlds, she's powerful, but could she handle the pain and suffers she would expirience, 

let's witness how is the story of the girl that handles the four element and the unbeatable mafia,gangster,assasin and yakuza, goes....

(Taglish story)
N/A: dont judge the book by its cover, malay nyo magustuhan nyo, malay lang ha? And if you don't want to read my story, then chupi ka dyan! I don't need you

That's all...thankies

It seems like it was perfect story but there still a mistake...... By the way I love it